male feminists be like send nudes ... but.... uh you know... in like an empowering way.... i guess

my gf knew a guy who made no other change to his diet other than cooking everything in olive oil and decided he was going to live forever because he was on the mediterranean diet

i have no choice but to infiltrate the local dsa and establish a carl marks reading group

doctors claim to be "experts" but they always want to run diagnostic tests when i clearly diagnosed my ailment before i came in 😎

Men will eat nothing but beef liver instead of going to the doctor

"Satire requires a clarity of purpose and target lest it be mistaken for and contribute to that which it intends to criticize"
—Me on how it's actually your fault an obvious joke went over my head

keep thinking about how the obi-wan kenobi writers felt the need to write a retcon for why he calls vader "darth" in star wars. cinemasins and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

gotta stop watching star wars, shit's kinda bad

going to a pride event so if i stop tooting i was probably killed in a mass shooting 🇺🇸

dr can you give me progesterone to take orally
to take orally?
actually takes rectally.. like a boss

how u know ur about to see the worst twitter screenshot of ur life

is men not wiping because touching your ass is gay real or a meme

george lucas on the set of return of the jedi like i assure you it is absolutely essential that leia is on a leash

probably pretentious but i hate the "biblically accurate angels" thing. angels in the bible are usually described as just looking like people.

virgin trans woman (posts anime girls) vs chad trans man (posts rats)

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