Tfw when no cute astolfo hentai

Help me I'm unironically starting to like ed(1)

Wow just as I sent this I noticed gcc had been built in like a minute

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Problem: gcc is clogging up one of your cores whilst leaving the others unused
Solution: have gcc clog all your cores equally

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need a girl to sit me down and infodump about her favorite programming languages 2 me

I retract my previous comment, D'd be cool if it weren't so sparsely used that stackoverflow is basically useless.

Nvm the make thing was my fault, time to go back to screaming at D

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question for trans ppl residing in Mexico City (boosts OK) 

Where can I find medical info (counseling etc) on transitioning :transgender:, both for surgeries and HRT? Is there a Mexican website I can visit? Any help appreciated.

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Mfw a library/API/anything I'm writing for throws an error but all the Google results are github issues/SO questions by non-programmers using an application with that software somewhere in its stack.

There's something oddly satisfying about a seemingly random set of characters suddenly doing what it should

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Is it weird that I actually *like* making regex

Why the hell do they have to keep changing the Wikipedia app UI every two weeks

Shower thought without shower 

Transbians in denial are just confused lesbians

When you remember your brow line exists an dis only going to get worse as you age

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