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Womxn <--- Assimilation

Women <--- Liberation, Normalization, Inclusion.

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If you are not trans please stop using "womxn." It's not progressive and it's performative. As a trans person I find it extremely othering. If you feel positive emotions from using "womxn" as a cis person ask yourself "is this self serving for my ego?"

Also for the trans people please reconsider. If you wanna make a case for it, leave a CONSTRUCTIVE comment.

horny post 

looking for thicc tall saphic femm to domme me & partner ^_^

Tumblr was a place where you'd see people complaining about trans men being too privileged in between fundraiser posts for homeless trans men or trans men fleeing domestic violence.

If UID2 succeeds, faceless ad tech companies and data brokers will still track you around the web—and they’ll have an easier time tying your web browsing to your activity on other devices.

several entries to the deportation center are blocked. #Berlin #b0704

Blocking the airport industry is always great in terms of #climatejustice, but even better when a deportation is blocked by doing so.

airport industry is a huge contributor to the #climatecrisis.
If you're part of a #climatejustice group, blocking an airport is always great, but even greater if your are able to chosen on a date a mass deportation takes place.

Let's all get better in connecting the different struggles.

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when cishet men complain about pronouns and they dont even know 1 trans person. -_-

Support a Black trans lesbian couple!
They need urgent help with housing, food, medical assistance, transportation and vet care
#donate #boost #mutualaid #blm$neptunejuju
Paypal: thriftyblk
Cashapp: $nancyisok
Venmo: patricia-frazier-19

CW Mentions of Genital Mutilation 

people, with Androgen Insensitivity "Syndrome" are frequently mutilated as children before they can consent. And the excuses are not good enough.

They often can have vaginoplasty(aesthetic vaginal surgery), clitorectomy (removal of the clioris), gonadectomy (removal of the gonads).

All of these have permanent effects, may be traumatizing, and they can even be gender disaffirming depending on their gender identity.

This is a violation of human rights!

black folks: *creates a thing for themselves*

white people: instead of this thing that makes me feel excluded because it wasn't made with me in mind, can we do Y instead?

please stop this habit, this trend, this behavior.

Reminder that misgendering trans people no matter how shitty the thing they said/did is still transphobic because you dont do it with anyone else.

Mention of medical malpractice 

Medicall unnecessary circumcision is just infant genital mutiliation, and no your religion cannot justify it. It is an injustice no matter how you spin it.

autism speaks, more like speaks over autistic people, am i right


Reminder that liberalism is a result of colonialism, racism and classism. This crass unwillingness to empathize with Black and Brown folks, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and Queer folks is a result of colonial/liberal entitlement to land. If you are American you are standing on land where indigenous people suffered a genocide. Be intolerant of this mindset it has shown no tolerance, particularly to "illegal immigrants". Do not allow narratives which dehumanize exploited migrant workers.

sigh. it's stallman comments again 

i am literally begging stallman bros to understand this time it's literally actual FOSS developers who are upset with stallman for his comments and behavior. it's not some conspiracy by the MicrosoftNSA to infiltrate and overthrow the FSF


me: i'm a switch haha

me as soon as someone is even a little flirty with me: skjnbvkdjfvns i want to be such a good girl for you 🥺💕

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