The world is so much better off if the u.s. is in chaos and has no international respect nor global leadership positions

realizing that a lot of the music I listened to as a teenager was very earnest tunes telling you not to commit suicide and tearing up a little

Half the time I order takeout, the only reason I am doing so is to have a bunch of leftover rice I can make fried rice out of. Today is no different

Now that celery and lima beans have become some of my favorite foods, white sugar is the only thing that remains in my "I just Don't Like This food" list

Lol at the people talking about "deprogramming" Trump supporters, you're gonna need a lot more than pseudo-psychology bullshit to undo settler-colonialism

Drinking some pressed Pu-erh that @Druhim got me last year and just marvelling at how delicious it is.

I really wish that my coworkers wouldn't work on holidays, because now I have an inbox full of checks I have to write and one fewer days to do it.

Why did, like, fantasy scenes and wizards and barbarian chicks airbrushed on the sides of vans become A Thing

Like, why not another genre?

For some reason masto won't let me upload this video of Charlotte grooming Spike, and it is a travesty

"wait i thought this was a gender reveal???"
me, doing doughnuts in a tractor: no it's a john deere reveal you dummy

Thank god that Jamie Lee Curtis invented yogurt so women could know the wonders of pooping

Rwandan genocide - political repression 

& as one-time members of the RPF, many such exiles have a kind of legitimacy & are able to reach a kind of audience that most refugees could never imagine. Paul Kagame sees them as the potential threats they are & treats them accordingly & ruthlessly. He's even fallen out with Museveni to some extent as his own ambitions grow increasingly independent & Uganda's international image is increasingly tarnished, as the elections this week have demonstrated.

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