wishy washy lonely touch starved feelings 

it is a shame that i have no one to kiss me because i am very cute and charming ! but also the thought of being touched by anyone makes me want to recoil into my skin and scream

tinder, annoying men 

a couple months ago a guy from tinder called me a bad communicator for taking 5 minutes to reply to him, but he wouldn't outright say that he wanted me to send him nudes ..... needless to say i didn't take that personally and i didn't send nudes

living like a true gamer 

fully sleep deprived, depressed, greasy, surrounded by trash

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Last year Kenosha, Wisconsin burned because a coward cop shot Jacob Blake in the back 7 times. Today it was decided to not press charges against said cop. The legal system has never been there to bring justice to the victims of its machinations. It is only there to crush us. You can read more about last year’s unrest in our book We Fight: Three Decades of Rebellion Against the Police.

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Early on January 1, 2009, in Oakland, California, 22-year-old Oscar Grant was shot in the back by a BART cop while another cop kneeled on Grant’s back. 6 days later the murderer resigned, but people weren’t having it and sought revenge. You can read more about this in our book We Fight: Three Decades of Rebellion Against the Police.

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can i call myself marxist if i have read zero theory (bc broken brain) but have the most interest in and respect for marxism and believe in socialist revolution with my entire soul

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be mindful of your negative weight talk in the new year. your fat friends can hear you.

another day 

another 14 hours of video game

vibeo game 

have played acnh and breath of the wild literally all day im scared to look into the mirror for fear of my bloodshot eyes

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she makes this special woven net that fuses to her prey and just sticks it on top of them lol it's pretty sick

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You can’t handle my pronouns traveller. My pronouns could kill a dragon let alone a man!

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Ayuukwee everybody I'm an artist trying to support my friends and family who have covid, who can't work, and need to make ends meet. I have asthma and fibro, going back to service work isn't possible right now. If you are able to, please support my work!

#art #commissionsopen #mastoart #painting #forest #masks

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google, show me the best jobs for people who hate capitalism

sadposting, illness mention 

feeling sad and alone because i miss my ex whom i spent holidays with last year and because i probably have ME/CFS and that knowledge makes me feel so exhausted and isolated :--/

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pro tip for humans when interacting with any animal that isn't a domestic dog 

don't fucking stare at them. this goes for basically every wild animal but also domestic cats. humans and dogs (which we co-evolved with over millions of years) are the weirdo outliers in nature when it comes to eye contact. for every other critter, they will usually interpret looking at them for an extended period in one of two ways:
• i view you as prey and am actively considering hunting you
• i view you as a threat or rival and want you to know that i'm not letting my guard down around you

most animals are constantly using their senses to maintain situational awareness of their surroundings, and the way humans prioritize vision over hearing and smell to zero in on only what's right in front of them is fucking alien to them.

this is *part* of why cats can't stand people who pay too much attention them and seem to gravitate towards people who ignore them. not staring means you're comfortable in their presence and lets them know they don't need to be wary of you.

it's different when you already have an established relationship, but it's critical for building trust with strangers.

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