The woman who I was waiting for her to move turned around right as I was taking that picture and I had to sheepishly explain that I was def taking a picture of me, not of her. I'm extremely cool.

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Selfie, eye contact 

Just waiting in line to look at the cheese and doing some casual power-clashing.

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I An non binary, I Identify as a blight upon the creation

Covid, nightmare 

Previously my covid anxiety nightmares have mostly been me trying to get people to leave places, but last night I decided to switch it up and have one about people not letting me leave a place. It was: also bad.

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I am just a little raven collecting my little shining things and using my little brain to remember exactly who’s been nice to me and who’s wronged me for the rest of my life

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if you're gay and like Achewood: hell yeah, me too
if you're straight and like and/or wrote Achewood: I am suspicious

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sea shanties becoming heavily popular 10 months into a pandemic where we are all stuck inside and worried as fuck and things are dangerous and we all wanna engage in cathartic group activities meant to pass the time til u get to ur land loves once more is very much exactly on brand for sea shantiea

I don't want to be the asshole who complains about children existing, but one of my neighbor kids screams in a way that has more than once made me run to the door because I thought he was seriously injured (like hit by a car or bones sticking out or something) and wow I sure fucking wish he would not do that particular noise.

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Any Portland bus stop without a roof is an act of class war

Food, vegan baking 

I also had a massive vegan macaron success, so really today has been aces. I'm over the moon.

Food, cake 

Trust the method y'all, this cake is gorgeous.

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Casually spending an hour psyching myself up to ice this dang cake. V normal and good.

Autistic culture is meeting another person who you understand on, like, a cellular level and then having to figure out whether they know they're autistic too.

Also he's fucking hilarious and would be very popular on any aggregator of pithy takes, but he (correctly) doesn't think the world needs any more takes from old white dudes.

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Right now he's reading that awful qanon congresswoman's twitter, like, in the manner of a particularly out-of-touch New Yorker article. It is 4:45 in the morning and he is definitely making healthy choices.

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My partner has started using twitter, but he doesn't want to create an account, so instead of tweeting his responses to things, he just tells them to me. It's great.

Mh, rough chuckles 

Everyone I've ever embarrassed myself in front of will eventually die and then I'll be freeeeee.

So I volunteer at my county health dept's covid testing hotline and today we're getting a lot of calls from old people who have questions about getting vaccinated. All of that info is online, so we direct them to the county website, which is clunky to navigate. There's a 75-year-old woman volunteering with me and the way she is walking these other Olds though finding info on the website is blowing my mind. Like, it's totally correct instructions, but I never interact with the internet that way.

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Ranking ways that people avoid saying they by oder of best to worst:

he or she // a classic, timeless
he/she // same as above except it sounds like that slur
s/he // efficient, just as many characters as they tho
she or he // if you're gonna try to be feminist about it just say they
he (or she) // bro what are you even doing
she // again I get it you're trying to be cool and feminist, just use they
he // only barely valid if you're a textbook from before 1970 and even then fuck you

Hey if you're selling your clothes online (especially if it's your actual business), consider not dousing them in your nasty floral perfume stank on the way out the door.

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