❄ Fauna boreali-americana, or, The zoology of the northern parts of British America
London: John Murray, 1829-1837.

one of the things I hate most about depression is like, the lack of care that emerges. i had been doing so well, keeping my house clean, cooking good food instead of just living off ramen and PB sandwiches, but as soon as I get sad all of that work goes out the window and I just stop caring.

and then I feel like a lazy fucking slob who can't take care of themselves like an actual adult.

sorry, i was busy laying face down in a hole i dug for myself in the ground

almost nothing feels better than coming out of a depressive episode and cleaning your home... other than perhaps not being depressed in the first place.

Hey, share this status if you want to be friends. We can follow each other and like each other’s posts and send cute animals to each other when we’re sad, it’ll be great.

if anyone knows of free/low cost resources for learning AWS cloud practitioner stuff, hit me up please!

@testingaccount2 luckily I've never been the type to play for more than a couple hours in one go haha. even then I can't sit still for that long usually

I'm so fucking late to the bandwagon but WOW is honestly pretty cool

I'm so, so tired of existing. Everything hurts so much.
All I wanted was someone to love and take care of, but I consistently ruin anything good that comes my way. I will never, ever be enough for anyone. not even myself.

Does anyone make moon water? If so, any tips/tricks? I have plenty of glass vessels to use to contain it. But I want to know if ya'll just use tap water, or if you distill water, or use purified water?

YO! I cleaned my house ass house today, and made banana bread and I just feel so productive and good rn!!!

I now own an illegal amount of dildos in Texas 🥳 ive always wanted to say that lmaoo

Not really sure what this is about, but I'm kinda into it


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