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Love when the younger males try to assert dominance over me. Oh you sweet summer child.

I let go of my superiority complex when you were still getting C's in every subject and I cast aside such fruitless displays of masculinity upon realizing how powerful femininity can be.

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Last night's anti-scrolling drawing, which I managed to do despite itches and drowsy effects of Benadryl. #mastoart #inkdrawing #abstractart

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As if that's different from any other day

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Hot new idea for a phone (I think this would be very successful, why doesn't someone make this) 


microSD card for podcasts and music
headphone jack
Notifications for when your battery is low


voice mail
Other types of notifications

Sharing a page from my journal. These are quick easy doodles. I do fast doodles in ink and color them when I don't feel good.

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For US folks, there's currently a proposed Title IX change that would protect trans people.

It's only open to public comments for *two more days* and the vast majority of current comments are looking really TERF-y. Please consider adding a comment to the proposal to help out :heart_trans:

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i'm going to start rumours that some video games are experimental "quarantine" titles meant to absorb the worst toxic players so that other games are more playable.

gonna say this about any online game. it's plausible for all of them.

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oh, and here's your #wip for the day. don't you hate when it rains gender

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My partner's jaw pops because of bad tmj. She was biting me just now and I shit you not, I heard that pop and thought her mouth was going to open like a snake and swallow me.

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"Why do you never wear your hat?"

The magician sighed tiredly, "Never know what might come out of it. What if I ended up with a rabbit sitting on my head, as a best case scenario?"

"A cute little rabbit?" I laughed, "Doesn't sound too bad."

"It might widdle on my hair."

"Yuck, yes that would be gross..."

"Now imagine a tiger..."

I blinked, "A tiger might come out of your hat?"

"Not even the worst case scenario."

"I'm so sorry."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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This is a free pattern. I loosely based my pouch off of it. Mostly I used the color chart.

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Here's a completed project!!
It's a zipper pouch and I was trying a could new ways with getting the zipper. Most of the zipper is machine sewed, which worked well on the machine. I did overestimate a bit on wide to make my pouch with the knitting. But I still have everything sewed in well though and the zipper closes smoothly.
The color work portion was tons of fun too!!!
See reply for pattern I loosely used.

kf, hate site 

(I say trans twitter above because that's the largest example that comes to mind, but that's definitely only one of many parts of the internet. )

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kf, hate site 

As much as kiwifarms is gone, there's still a lot of damage done to our communities.

There is a portion of trans twitter that would attack other trans people or turn on people based on kiwifarms data collection.

There aren't lines for how we treat others.

I hate how much pain this has caused friends. The site being gone isn't enough. Not after numerous doxxing campaigns and people claiming to protect while attacking other trans women.

The damage will long outlive the site.

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