My addition to
Be intentional and mindful with how you interact with Mastodon.
You're not getting any content pushed on you anymore. You get to choose your instance and all of the content you interact with. You're in control of populating your timeline. You have a chance to start fresh with a new platform that isn't making money off of your outrage and keeping you engaged on the site. It's much easier to make healthier choices about interactions.

@zena It's gonna be interesting to "feel" the switch while browsing. I'm new here so my habits are probably gonna evolve a lot in comparison to twitter browsing. Interesting stuff

@BirbsandDragons @zena it definitely feels different. Whenever I browse mastodon, it feels less compulsive than other social networks I’ve used in the past. Its definitely a more wholesome experience that’s for sure. can we please stop calling everything on fedi "mastodon", as this tip applies pretty much everywhere else too.

@thatonecalculator @zena no, this one doesn't
don't be intentional and mindful when interacting with pleroma


@zena Yup. Still working on mine, but it's already far nicer. Like cookin' a stew from scratch instead of buying it...How you build it and tend it makes the difference.

Way slower simmering....but much better ingredients. More compatible spices. Leading to a better quality timeline.

You finally finish your setup and chill out, let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Get up, heat it up, tweak it how you want it, have it with toasted homemade bread and fruit jam....

Damn that's good! 😋💯✨

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