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Hi, everyone!

I'm Danny. Gay :_gaysparkle: . Bear 🐻 . Games a lot 🎮 . Here to see what this place is about.

Some random things:
* Work as a full stack .NET developer.
* I am starting to have an addiction to retro gaming handhelds
* I've been collecting vinyl records for about half my life now
* I'm trying to get back into cooking

A guy hit me up last summer, he asked what’s up and how am I doing. I replied and then asked him how we was doing and how his night was. He JUST responded. Ten months later. I’m not convinced he isn’t an ent from the Lord of the Rings.

Reminder… As of May 23, 2022, it will no longer be possible to use a credit card to add funds to an account in Nintendo eShop on or the family of systems

Beat ! Much shorter game than I remember. It was pretty quality thru-out after adjusting to the control scheme.

The game just radiates charm. Those expressive, fully voiced main characters are the main sellers. The Bonnes just stole the show when they were on screen.

I enjoyed my time on Kattelox Island and am impressed by how well this game has held up. It’s not difficult and rather short, but the charm and characters and twist on MegaMan gameplay are worth it.

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Just started for the first time since probably it released as MM64 on the N64.

Considering the varying quality of Mega Man localization with VA at the time (or just really the industry as a whole), the voice acting and localization are like really fucking good. Tron and Tiesel Bonne are perfect. Even Mega Man and Roll are really good.

Beat last night!

It was so much fun for the most part. Also, the hand picked high quality soundtrack for this MSU version was a great touch. Doesn’t replace the original but a nice “What if…?” had the CD attachment for the ever came to fruition that allowed for high fidelity audio.

Really liked the last three dungeons a lot. And Ganon’s Tower was a great gauntlet. So much better than the tower in .

I’ll have to play this again more often. 🥰

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I don't know why our client thought it would be a smart idea to launch in two different states with vastly different specs on the same day. lol This is a clusterfuck. 😂

And 5 crystals collected in . Heading into the last dungeons of the game tomorrow.

Really enjoyed Ice Palace and Gargoyle’s Domain. The Skull Woods dungeon can fuck off. Lol So tedious to navigate.

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I forgot how boring I find Everything Now (the album). Besides like Everything Now (the song) and Put Your Money on Me (which is the best thing on the album by far and is one of my favorite AF songs), everything else is just kinda meh. Except Good God Damn. I just really, really dislike that song.

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Man, I haven’t listened to these in release order in so long. These first four albums are just too good. I always flip flop on whether my favorite is Neon Bible or Reflektor. Glad WE strikes a chord more like the first four albums than whatever happened on EN.

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My WE vinyl from Arcade Fire arrived. 🥰 Time to listen to all their stuff again.

And got the Master Sword!

Really enjoying the soundtrack selection (all from the franchise) the person made for the music pack for this MSU version of . It’s different which is just what I wanted, but all the selections have been pretty appropriate to the areas.

Also, every game I play on it, I’m loving my more and more.

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Found a nice QoL/Random fixes mod for the SNES version of that I think I'll use (quick item swap on L/R, yes please) called Redux MSU Deluxe. Has a nifty MSU pack that vastly changes up the soundtrack. Will see if its any good.

Been a while since I've played this game. ^^

Having takoyaki for the first time in forever. 🥰

“Oh you want to do skincare? Too bad it’s my bedtime 😴😴😴”

It’s over! Beat Last Impact. That was such a good romhack.

Inventive worlds for the most part (especially 7, 9, and 13). World 12 can fuck right off though that was just awful design. The music selection and new music tracks were great. The difficulty was nice thru-out (like late stage SM64 for the most part) but gets pretty hard in the last three worlds. Such fun power-ups as well like Bee Mario and Yoshi.

Glad I checked it out. Might try out the new one Kaze just released.

My Chemical Romance just released a new song. omg what 😭 😍

The new Florence + the Machine and the new part-Radiohead side project The Smile's new albums are so good.

Ah! is finally getting its official global release soon. Nice.

Omg you can be Bee Mario! This is amazing!🥰🐝

Also apologies for the lower quality video. It is screen recorded off a and it’s screen recorder maxes out at 480p. Hah

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