I guess I have joined all the new first time Linux people recently. Got the drive partitioned and the distro all installed. Yay! Now to download everything I need. 🥰 Successful day.

Of course right as I say I need to download something, the internet shits itself. 🙃 lol

All right, got Steam and some games all set-up. And some of the emulators. Off to a good start.

@aggiepm I am trying out Pop_OS and just trying to get comfortable with everything

@aggiepm It has all been a pretty nice experience so far! Incredibly smooth. Just needing to rewire my brain to know where everything is at. Hah Glad I’m trying it out. I felt left out seeing all the posts of people doing it. Lol

@ziio Welcome to the club! I made the same transition about three years ago, and honestly, I've been very pleased and comfortable using only Ubuntu.

What distro did you choose?

@spencer Thank you! And that's great to hear you've been enjoying it!

I decided to give the first go on Pop!_OS

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