WOWZA! Oracle's cloud's free tier is... A lot!

Could host some pretty fun side projects on it!

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@drwho I did some follow up on this, and you can split those cores and mem up however you want. If you want four single core arm VMs with 6GB of memory each, you can. Or pool it all in one.

The block storage is a little more limited. You can only have two block devices in the always-free tier.

You also get 2 AMD VMs with 1/8 OCPU (whatever that is) and 1GB memory each.

They also throw in some weird nosql json store I've never heard of before called Autonomous.

@rgegriff That's really impressive. GPU or TPU options?

@drwho I saw GPU compute as an option. I also saw an ai category of products, but didn't dig in, so... maybe?

@feonixrift Outbound Data Transfer: 10 TB per month; then it starts eating into the $300 credit they give you at the standard rate which is...

@feonixrift free for inbound.

Outbound Data Transfer - Originating in North America, Europe, and UK - Over 10 TB / Month -- $0.0085/Gigabyte

@feonixrift For context, it looks like serving 10TB from Jeff's computer from an EC2 node would cost $921.51

@feonixrift Granted, for any even remotely bandwidth intensive application, I would probably put cloudfront in front of the web tier, but still...

$92/TB vs Oracle's $8/TB is... something

@rgegriff But remember that oracle is a very unethical company and opensource hostile. I'm not touching any of their services.

@sh oh, yea. They suck a whole bunch. Totally agreed. I will still probably use the free compute/network resources they are giving away.

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